BOMA has a wealth of experience within its team members that spans decades in the hospitality and tourism industry. Quite often a lodge or hotel may have the right human resources in place but they just lack those crucial skills to turn mediocre into amazing.  We provide training in hard skills such as how to implement stock controls, how to effectively check rooms, housekeeper training, kitchen protocols, wait staff protocols etc.

We also offer soft skill training such as how a guide can improve your guest’s experience or how hosting staff can improve sales in the bar. Many times staff lack the soft skills to deal with a complaint or a problem and with the right skills, we can turn the complaint into a positive experience for the guest. Let us help you to get the most out of your front line staff. 

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Operations and Management services

We offer our clients a scaleable and comprehensive suite of management services.

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Development and project management services

Our team will handle every aspect from design to construction through to completion.

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Recruitment and careers

Let us help you find the best people for your business.

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Administration services

We offer a full suite of administration services.

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We provide training in a wide range of services.

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From uniforms to wooden floors we handle it all.

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About Us

Bushveld Operations Management Administration Company (Pty) Ltd  is a hospitality industry service company that offers a wide range of specialised services in the game lodge and boutique hotel space.

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